“Back in March of 2017. My son decided to to skip school and hangout with his friends. They decided to go to one of their parents house to watch tv. A neighbor saw the 4 juveniles enter the house. The neighbor called the police and my son was arrested on a home invasion charge. I received a call from the police department and learned that one of the juveniles took some handguns from the home. I called everyone I knew cause I knew my son needed a lawyer. I called numerous lawyers. Max called me at about 1am in the morning. We talked for over 30mins. Learned that my son was going to be arraigned the following day. Max fought for my my son like he was his own. The prosecutor wanted to charge my son who is only 15 with a 10yr felony. Mind you that This is the first juvenile case Max has ever taken.  Max was so confident that if he was nervous…. we never knew it.We went to trial. After 2 days of testimony. It was in the jury’s hands. After 1hr of deliberations. We got our justice. NOT GUILTY on all counts! On behalf of me and my family! THANK YOU! Any other lawyer would of taken the plea. Highly recommend this man!”


-John M.


“Been about a month now, was just reflecting on the courtroom massacre and wanted to give a shout out to Max Manoogian at Manoogian Law. Best thing I could do is continue to recommend this guy to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where a defense attorney is needed. Quick rehash of my story, was involved in a single car accident with other people in car, I was seriously injured needing emergency surgery while our genius law enforcement officers found it more prudent to delay my transport to “interrogate” for a few hours I finally woke up post surgery finding out I had been charged with a crime due to everyone remaining silent (which I thought was a right) and because it was my car. I contacted Max knowing him for a long time, knowing he was very smart and knowing he would be up for the fight as I was unwilling to accept any deal. Anyone who knows me knows I am demanding, high maintenance but teaming up with Max was a thing of beauty. Even with the city giving the case to the state (quickly realizing overmatched) the state prosecutors fared no better. They had to prove two separate pieces of this for a jury to find me guilty and in the last 48 hours Max turned up the heat, in depth case law, big time contacts with other attorneys, former prosecutors. By the morning of trial they had nothing, not either one. A 2 day scheduled trial was over in 15 minutes and that 15 minutes involved Max owning the courtroom and owning the prosecution, Case Dismissed. I was innocent from the start but what I learned is that doesn’t matter. This system is completely broken from arrest to trial, it is set up for you to lose. If you find yourself in any circumstance where these people are trying to steal from you whether it’s your freedom or money or whatever call Max.#ManoogianLawTeamJusticeServed

“This whole experience from the night of my accident has been extremely eye opening in that our justice system, from the police officers that night to the prosecutors office this system at least in Oakland County is broken. Community service, ethics everything that should mean something to these people is not there. Thankfully there are people out there like Max Manoogian who has already achieved great success and is part of the next generation of great lawyers to continue this fight. I am very demanding not easy to please but Max in this case was phenomenal. Not only smart not only worked his butt off but what stood out was the strategic thinking, knowing when to be patient to not show his cards and strike when their could be no response. The 48 hours leading up to trial was a thing of beauty to watch. The countless hours of work and that last 48 hour push all led to 15 minutes of Max absolutely owning the courtroom……case dismissed. I would gladly go to battle with this guy again.”


-Brian B.


“I often heard terrifying stories about what people had to go through in divorce and dealing with lawyers.  I never even thought I would be getting a divorce one day and had absolutely no idea of the divorce process, so when a dark cloud of events covered my life, divorce was the only option for me.

My friends highly recommended Max Manoogian as a young and very promising lawyer, so I contacted him and never regretted doing so. After sharing my life story with him, he gave me great professional advice and took all the weight of worrying and dealing with the divorce off my shoulders.

Three months later, the divorce was final and I left the courtroom as a single but financially-secure woman.I would never wish for anyone to have to go through divorce, but if you have to, I highly recommend Max Manoogian.”

-Elena M.


“Max is the true definition of Lawyer. I was facing 60 days for felony probation violation and Max worked his magic and got them to revoke my probation. He’s the best in my book.”

-S. Jacobs


“I was arrested for possession of marijuana. I was looking at at least 12 months of probation. The sentence recommended after the pre-sentencing investigation was for 12 months. Max spoke on my behalf and the judge lowered the sentence to 6 months. He was excellent and because of him, the judge reduced my sentence. “



“ I would recommend Max to anyone I care about. He is truly passionate about his job and isn’t an attorney who just sees his clients as a case number. Having to be in family court is already stressful enough, especially when young children are involved. Max is kind, thorough, and truly fought for my family with the upmost professionalism. I am glad to have had Max by my side while in court, and would hire him again without ever thinking twice. Thank you, Max!”

-Tamara O.


“I am a junior in college and this summer I had my first encounter with the law.  I was arrested for possession of marijuana and was facing up to a year of probation.  I had no idea what I was going to do or how this would affect my future, but once Max was referred to me by a family member, things started to look up.  Max is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable of his field.  He is professional and can explain the proceedings of the court in a clear and concise manner.  Max, acting like the exceptional lawyer that he is, talked to the prosecutor and judge to make my sentence go from a year of reporting probation to just three months of non-reporting probation.  I would recommend him to anyone!  Thank you Max!”

-David R.


“Max represented me today and absolutely killed it for me. I had violated probation and have one of THE hardest alcohol offense judges in the State and was expecting to at very minimum have extended probation, community service, and ramped up testing, and possible jail time, but thanks to Max I only had to pay $100 and continue probation as normal! Could not be more pleased with the outcome! Thank you Manoogian Law!”

-Drew H.


“Max is an amazing attorney! I had an obstruction of police officer misdemeanor charge for an incident in the Fall. I was looking at 12 months of probation and a possible charge on my record. Max was able to talk to the city prosecutor and have my charge completely thrown out! Max is very responsive, always readily available, informative, and reliable. I am very grateful for Max and all of his help and would recommend him to anyone.”



“I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience being represented by Manoogian Law. Max breathes professionalism. His legal and professional prowess is surpassed only by genuine empathy and his desire to help those in need of justice. This was the first time I’ve ever experienced a stress-free legal matter – I honestly didn’t think such a thing was possible. Not only was the process seamless, but Max fought to get my traffic charges reduced to fullest possible extent. My sincerest thanks!”



“Max represented me and was able to get most of my tickets dismissed and reduced. He explained to me the process in an easy and understandable way, and was very professional.”

-Alex L.


“I hired Max to represent me in my recent divorce. I tried to tackle the system by myself, but soon felt overwhelmed by the legal paperwork. Max understood my needs and what I wanted from the divorce and explained my rights and the process each step of the way. I enjoyed his professionalism during my difficult time and his enthusiasm for the law. Max was always very responsive for any questions that I may have had and I felt very comfortable that the process would work out without any setbacks. The result was a smooth process and I have the utmost confidence to seek Max’s representation in any future legal matters.”

-Michael H.


“I’ve known Max for years, but never as a lawyer. So when I encountered a recent dispute with my landlord, it seemed almost strange turning to my friend, now an attorney.  However, I must say that from the moment he picked up the phone, Max provided a compassionate, professional brand of legal guidance that absolutely blew me away. We met up to discuss the issue that very same week, and to my pleasant surprise, the disputes were ironed out in a matter of days.  For anyone interested in dedicated, organized and thorough legal counsel, I highly recommend contacting Max Manoogian.”

Satisfied client,

- Brandon B.


I am extremely happy that I hired Max. He was very responsive, very knowledgeable and kept my traffic record clean. From the moment I met Max, I knew that he would get the job done – and he did! I am so thankful!

-Stefani G.


“Thank you Max for representing me regarding my disorderly conduct citation.  Your professional demeanor, confidence, calibration of the outcome, cadence of communication, and empathy of my situation made you the perfect choice for my case.  The result of having the charge reduced to a civil infraction is a testament to your experience and understanding your clients.”